Registration Overview

Becoming a registered member of the Clinical Care Classification System (CCCS) is free and easy.  Once your application is approved, you will have access to data files containing all of the codes as well as support documentation and help.  There are two ways to register, most people will use the first approach listed below.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Approach 1:  Registration through an individual membership: Visit this registration form. It should take you about five minutes to fill it out. Your application will be reviewed (usually 3-5 business days) and once it is approved you will receive an email notification that you can login.

Approach 2:  Registration through as a member of one of the organizations listed below – your registration should take under a minute and it will be automatically approved. Just visit this form and fill out a couple fields. Note that you must register with your organizational email address, not a private email address.

Licensed Institutions under Approach 2.

  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)