The CCC System facilitates the electronic documentation of nursing plans of care (POCs) as outlined in its Information Model using standardized coded concepts (data elements). It facilitates the collection, storage, processing, retrieval, and analysis of clinical nursing practice.  It is used for:

Clinical Nursing Practice Applications

  • Captures patient care data using a standardized coded nursing terminology.
  • Links Framework clinical concepts: Problems, Goals (Expected Outcomes), Interventions/Actions & Outcomes together.
  • Provides standardized concepts for clinical pathways and decision-support systems to operationalize clinical nursing practice in an EHR.
  • Enables evidence-based practice protocols to capture nursing care data and evaluate their effects on patient outcomes.

Nursing Administration Applications

  • Intervention action types used to evaluate nursing practice.
  • Captures patient care data to measure effectiveness of patient outcomes.
  • Collects standardized indicators and outcome measures for quality and safety.
  • Uses RVUs to predict workload, resource needs, and costs of nursing care.
  • Supports patient acuity to determine nurse staffing & resources.

Nursing Education Applications

  • Teaches how to electronically document and code POCs using a standardized nursing terminology following six steps of the Nursing Process.
  • Tracks student assignments: Procedures & protocols via handheld devices.
  • Teaches, tests, & evaluates online student education.
  • Evaluates student use of pre-determined patient care simulations.
  • Uses Web Apps to teach development of POCs (mobile friendly tool)

Nursing Research Applications

  • Concepts used to search nursing literature online for research data and resources.
  • Uses POC data for analyses of clinical nursing practice.
  • Identifies patient ‘Never Events’ to evaluate outcomes of nursing care.
  • Provides standardized concepts to facilitate the design of evidence-based systems.
  • Uses research findings to advance nursing knowledge and nursing science.
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