New home for the CCC!

HCA Healthcare is proud to be the new custodian of Dr. Virginia Saba’s Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System. As one of the largest employers of nurses in the United States, we know how important this system is for nurses around the world. We also believe in continually moving healthcare forward, as this system does by advancing the science and practice of nursing. Most importantly, it does so at no cost. Dr. Saba strongly believes that her system should always be available for free, and in HCA Healthcare she has found a partner that shares this belief. Dr. Saba has also entrusted HCA Healthcare to create an expert panel for the ongoing maintenance and development of the system.

HCA Healthcare is ready to continue Dr. Saba’s extraordinary legacy. We have and will continue to invest in the CCC System through our time, resources and commitment to the preservation of Dr. Virginia Saba’s work.

One thought on “New home for the CCC!

  1. I met Dr. Saba in 2010 Taipei during an international nursing informatics conference. Yesterday, i just go back from Henan to Shanghai China. Her CCC legacy is budding now in China. We will take CCC and Dr. Saba’s vision into China’s public hospitals thru collaborations and user groups. Unfortunately i cannot post an attachment of the picture of the two hospital’s collaboration and commitmment towards using CCC in China.

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